Rentokil Initial China participated 4th China drug safety conference

China, 5th May 2014 ——The 4th China Drug Safety Conference, which took place from 16 to 17 April in New Century Grand Hotel Hangzhou, was a place for China drug safety guardians to gather in. The first section of the conference was started with the representatives from The Research Center for Development & Regulation of Food and Drug Industry, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and U.S. Food and Drug Administration to share on the trends of China and America drug safety in recent years. More than 400 Attendees of the conference also discussed on the problems and solutions of drug analysis, hygiene technology and quality assurance.














As one of the conference exhibitor, Rentokil Initial does not only study the new technology of drug industry, but also bring the advance pest control concept——Rentokil Initial Integrated Pest Management to the conference. Nowadays, China drug industry faces mounting challenges in public supervision and safety audit.In the situation of increasing drug safety audit, just with their own efforts, pharmaceutical factories are not able to effectively control pests and assure production safety in their sites. They need pest control companies with professional teams and excellent operation to minimize the risk.

Rentokil Initial is a global company with more than a hundred years history, with our extensive experience and professional knowledge, we are helping varies of global pharmaceutical corporation on preventing risk and sustainably control pests.In China, Rentokil Initial is also delivering the highest standard of service. We are committed to jointly safeguard the quality and safety of China drug.

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