Rentokil Initial China launches service trak to promote paperless

Rentokil Initial China starts the pilot of ServiceTrak mobile application to automate service data recording in field and provide customers with digitalised service reports directly to the designated email upon service completion.

In an effort to enhance customers' service experience and promote communication and process efficiency, ServiceTrak serves as a service differentiation in adopting innovations and technology to enhance our information system and service standards.

With a user-friendly mobile application and easy to read interface, customers' details and servicing premises' requirements are safely uploaded into the system, and facilitates both the front line specialist and customers on site, thus enhancing the overall customer journey. This means, customers need not retain service reports upon completion of our service schedule on site, an e-version of the report will be sent to respective email accounts. These reports can be conveniently and instantly retrieved via an email search.

We take pride in being socially responsible to the environment. Going "paperless" is one of the various CSR initiatives we have adopted, such as utilising environmentally-friendly hygiene solutions and conducting hygiene awareness and education activities.

Should you have any further concerns or clarifications in adopting to the new system, you may call our Hotline at 4008208770, email your feedback to or contact your Sales Consultants for further discussion.

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