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Air and Surface Disinfection

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Air and Surface Disinfection Services

The risk of cross-infection is hidden everywhere in daily work and life. Bacteria threaten people's daily life through various transmissions, affecting people's health, enterprise productivity and efficiency.

Rentokil Initial has launched Air and Surface Disinfection Solution to protect the health of employees, prevent cross-infection, and ensure a healthy and safe work & dine environment.

Processing principle:Through air disinfection + surface disinfection, effective substances (such as hypobromous acid) are released according to the national standard dose operation, thereby killing pathogenic microorganisms on the transmission medium.

Creating a safty and healthy environment for industries

Our advantage

Clear SOP

Clear operation procedures and operation training

Chemical report

Guaranteed drug safety

Profesional solution

Experts recommend preventive treatment in risk areas

Service process

Air disinfection refers to the killing of pathogenic microorganisms suspended in the air in a confined space to achieve harmless treatment of pathogens;

Surface disinfection refers to treating the surface of objects (including the ground) by spraying or wiping to block the contact transmission of the virus;

Please cooperate with Rentokil Initial to ensure service deliver effectiveness and safety.

1. Survey

Identify the processing areas and key areas

2. Prepare

The customer cooperates with the pre-processing (especially the coverage of food and precision instruments)

3. Disinfection

Dispensing the disinfectant and spraying the target area until it is wet

4. Finish

After 30 minutes, the customer cooperates with the follow-up ventilation