Integrated Pest Management

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Reporting services

Effective monitoring and reporting services

Identifying a pest control partner with global expertise that understands the phases of the supply chain risk management is imperative. This will provide a road map from which technical or business priorities can be acknowledged to execute relevant integrated pest management strategies.

A comprehensive integrated pest management programme can only look nice on paper if it is not routinely monitored, reviewed and adjusted to ensure it is improved and functioning as planned. For that reason, a solid partnership will need to be forged between the company and pest controller to ensure consistent alignment on the strategies and efforts. Furthermore, for better traceability ensure you have established a monitoring and reporting method.

Explore our online reporting services or the general pest reporting services if they suit you and the business. The report is incorporated as part of your integrated pest management programme with Rentokil Initial China.

Brief overview of our IPM programme with reporting services

  • 1. Site Risk Assessment - Identify Health and Safety hazards relating to the premises enabling your staff and ours to work safely.

  • 2. Yearly Pest Control Schedule - A full year advance schedule provided for your convenience and preparations ahead.

  • 3. Pest Service Records and Monitoring Checklists - Findings of pest infestation and condition of monitoring stations will be recorded with recommendations from field biologist.

  • 4. Certificates and Licenses - Technician training certificate, with Pest Control License, and pesticide application records will be forwarded for audit purposes.

  • 5. Quality Control (QC) Inspection by Service Supervisor - Assessment of Rentokil Initial Pest Control Service quality.

  • 6. Total Hygiene Awareness Training by Field Biologist - Training your employees to better understand and support in the control of pests

  • 7. Pest Activity Graph and Trending Reports - Trends of pest activity will be shown in graph charts.

  • 8. Field Biologist Inspection Report - Detailed infestation reports and adverse condition.

  • 9. General Reporting - You can choose to access your monitoring and reporting documents through QPMS folder which will provide auditors easy access for periodical checkings.

  • (*Depends on contract package)

Our service benefits:

  • Partnership between customers and Rentokil Initial

    • Cooperation and sharing of roles in pest management essentially to protect reputation and pass audits.
    • Partnership with you to maintain consistent alignment on implementing strategies and action plans.

  • Education and exclusion

  • Sanitation

    • Professional evaluation on current cleaning practices and further advice to reduce pest infestation by cutting off food source, water and shelter.

  • Treatment

    • Efficient control or management of infestation with appropriate pest control solution in conjunction with the use of non-chemical treatment, and chemical treatment sparingly where necessary.
    • Rotation of treatment methods and chemical application to discourage pests from developing pesticide resistance in the long run.