Facilities and property management

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Facilities and property management

Protecting your customers and property against pests 

We understand that you have clients to look after. Your customers put their facilities in your hands to manage and your reputation depends on you providing excellent service for 365 days. 

Proactive pest control is essential for facilities and property management because if a pest problem is left unchecked in one unit, the infestation can easily spread throughout the building carrying potential disease and destruction. Once pests have gained access to a building, they need very little food and water to thrive and multiply! 

A pest problem can negatively impact your occupancy rate and putting your facility’s reputation at stake.

Why Rentokil Initial?

  • We understand your challenges and needs 
    In combination with your facilities and property features,Rentokil Initial can customize a comprehensive pest control solution for you,so as to reduce the overall operational risk while ensure the safety of you.

  • Rich service experience
    Business consultant:
    One-to-one business consultant offers exploration and evalution of internal and internal and external risks for your facilities and property. 
    Service team: Strictly trained professionals comply with standardized service plans and procedures and are equipped with standardized uniforms; Regular communicate with clients and work with each other to achieve expected effects;promptly and effectively work out problems reported by clients. 
    Technical supervisor:Full-time technical supervisor gives support to provide professional pest reports and comprehensive management suggestions.
    Operation & service:Customer Satisfaction Survey/2*24 service commitment*. *For emergencies,we can respond to your enquiry within 2 working hours and provide solution within 24 hours

  • Health and Safety is our service commitment 
    Strictly in accordance with standard service procedures,we ensure that all pesticides and equipment applied are in compliance with national auditing standards and provided with User Safety Instruction for you,so as to gurantee the safety.

  • Nationwide service network 
    With more than 60 professional service stations and service covering all provinces except Tibet and Qinghai,we can promptly provide you with pest solutions in your place.

  • Supplementary value-added service: 
    We provide cross-division training programs,peak season pest warning,pest management suggestion and action plan,periodical pest control newsletters,special pests Identification report etc.for your facilities and property*. 
    *We charge for the training programs and reporting,please kindly advice our sales consultant for more detailed information and quotation.

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