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Premium Scenting FAQs

  • Why should I scent my space?

    Smell being the most evocative of the five senses when triggering memory, it is a powerful marketing tool that engages your customer's sensory emotions, recalling nostalgic memories, that can lead to purchasing decisions. Circumstantial to what you require Premium Scenting for it can assist you with:

    - increasing dwell time as research shows 40% of customers stay longer in a pleasantly scented environment
    - increase customer loyalty by engaging customers with your brand
    - enhance customer experience by providing a pleasantly scented environment
    - increased revenues and (if needed)
    - odour remediation

  • How does Premium Scenting work?

    A typical scenting system uses a wet aerosol of perfume, sprayed into the air. With Premium Scenting, the scent is diffused with a patented diffusion system. It converts liquid fragrance into a 'dry aerosol' that permeates an intended space via a small quantity - just enough for a subtle yet pleasant scent. Due to this cutting edge Micro-technology, the scent remains in the air for up to 16 hours, for you to maintain a scented environment for longer periods of time.

  • How about installation and servicing?

    Our Premium Scenting Specialist and Installer will work with you in regards to the most appropriate place to install your Premium Scenting unit, which can be easily installed via an electrician. Once the power outlet is ready, Initial will install your unit and service in accordance to your contract; monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly.

  • Do I have a choice of what scents to use?

    Yes! Initial Premium Scenting China offers a total of 5 categories. Our Premium Scenting specialist will work with you to determine which scent best reflects your brand image and create the enhancement needed for greater customer experience.

  • Can I develop a scent exclusive to my brand?

    The development of bespoke fragrances are available upon request, with a minimum order requirement. With our world famous scent designers - Raymond Matts and Christophe Laudamiel, you can be assured we will be able to develop an exclusive scent that best reflects your brand.

  • How much space can I scent with a Premium Scenting unit?

    We have different units from table top, wall mounted to the type that integrates into air conditioning system. The largest unit can sent up to a single space of 4250m³ but your unit installation depends on the build up, ceiling height, and airflow of your premises, scent and level of intensity that you would like to achieve. Our Premium Scenting Specialist will assist in determining what the best unit is for your premises to create the optimal ambience for you and your customers.

  • Is the Premium Scenting unit hard to maintain?

    You would not need to maintain the unit at all, as Initial's trained technicians will visit accordingly (as per contract), to service and maintain the unit for you - so it is worry free!