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Providing your customers with an unforgettable dining experience 

Numerous food scares and pest issue in food & beverage (F&B) establishments have resulted in increasing public awareness of food quality and safety in every parts of the world along with China. Restaurants with enriched kinds of food is the most attractive place for all sorts of pest (especially cockroaches and rats) for sure. The sight of pest in an F&B outlet does not only spoil customers’ dining experience but poses risk of food contamination. 

Rentokil Initial recognizes that food safety is the guarantee of your brand reputation. Therefore, we develop different pest control programs after combining the characteristics of different food and beverage outlets, in order to protect your restaurants from pest infestations. We will reduce your overall operating risk, and ensure human security food safety.

Potential risks and hazards in food and beverage industry

Diagram showing the parts of the supply chain that pest can infiltrate

Supply chain management

In the food supply chain, you may noticed that there are numerous pest infiltration points and as vulnerable as the food processing plants, restaurants are also at high risk. Undetected pest infestation/ problem along the food supply chain could potentially end up at your restaurant.

Why restaurant owners should worry?

Pests are carriers of food-borne diseases such as Salmonellosis and Leptospirosis, the few deadliest to humans. Statistical significance of 5657 person food poisoning & 110 person dead (January to October 2014) in China shows that it is ever prevalent in this country.

Moreover, the appearance of pests whether it’s live or dead can make customers be repulsive to your food. On top of that, negative publicity via blogs and social networking sites can easily damage the valuable reputation of your restaurant that you’ve worked very hard to maintain. Therefore, it is critical to implement a comprehensive integrated pest management programme to help you manage pest risks better.

Why Rentokil Initial?

  • Nationwide service network 
    With more than 60 professional service stations and service covering all provinces except Tibet and Qinghai,we can promptly provide you with pest solutions in your place.

  • We understand your sector challenges and customer needs 
    In combination with restaurant features,Rentokil Initial can customize comprehensive integrated pest management solution for you,so as to reduce the overall operational risk while ensure the safety of persons and food.

  • Rich service experience 
    Business consultant:One-to-one business consultant offers exploration and evalution of internal and external risks for your restaurant. 
    Service team:Strictly trained professionals comply with standardized service and procedures;Actively participate in the construction and renovation of old and new branches,and control pests from the source; Service supervisor periodically conducts random checks on branches to ensure service quality. 
    Field biologist:Experienced full-time technical supervisor team gives support to provide professional pest reports and comprehensive management suggestions.

  • Operation & service:Customer Satisfaction Survey/2*24 service commitment*. 
    *For emergencies,we can respond to your enquiry within 2 working hours and provide solution within 24 working hours

  • Health and Safety is our service commitment 
    Strictly in accordance with standard service procedures,we ensure that all pesticides and equipment applied are in compliance with national auditing standards and provided with User Safety Instruction for you,so as to guarantee the safety of persons and food in your restaurants.

  • Supplementary value-added service
    We provide cross-division training programs,peak season pest warning,pest management suggestion and action plan,periodical pest control newsletters,special pests Identification report etc.for your hypermarkets and supermarkets*. *We charge for the training programs and reporting,please kindly advice our sales consultant for more detailed information and quotation.

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