Hypermarkets and supermarkets

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Hypermarkets and supermarkets

Protecting Your Inventory and Business Reputation from Pest 

A food retail store is no place for pest – not just because of public perception and brand name at stake but also because of serious health risks, particularly in areas where fresh food is handled and it’s a PR nightmare. A pest infestation will also lead to significant losses and regulatory actions on top of the intense pressure to manage supply chain, deliver profitable growth to stakeholders and brand value to consumers in a fast moving environment. 

At Rentokil Initial, our integrated pest management approach for food retailers provide the reassurance of a complete protection from pest problems. Rentokil Initial’s unrivalled reputation for food retail pest control means that we understand the importance of protecting a good brand.


No matter what type of retailer you are or the services you provide, it is important to provide a level of pest control to: 

  • protect customers and colleagues from distress and hygiene risks 
  • avoid damage to stock and building materials 
  • protect your brand and reputation 

Rentokil Initial customizes service programmes to cater to different types of retailing recognizing in particular the difference between retailers of food products and general retailers.

Why Rentokil Initial?

  • We understand your sector challenges and customer needs 
    In combination with food retail features, Rentokil Initial can customize comprehensive integrated pest management solution for you,so as to reduce the overall operational risk while ensure the safety of your food products,and meanwhile,proficient in the requirements of various food safety audit systems,we can help you go through all sorts of food safety audits.

  • Health and Safety is our service commitment 
    Strict implementation of Rentokil Initial Global and China regulations ,accordance with standard service procedures, Rentokil Initial China has it's own SHE specialist to manage health and safety,we ensure that all pesticides and equipment applied are in compliance with national auditing standards and provided with User Safety Instruction for you,so as to guarantee the safety of persons and food in your food retail plant.

  • Rich service experience 

    Business consultant: One-to-one business consultant offers exploration and evaluation of internal and external risks for you. 
    Service team: Strictly trained professionals comply with standardized service and procedures and are equipped with standardized uniforms; Offer professional control suggestions and focus on food safety practices,so as to achieve desired control effect. 
    Technical supervisor: Experienced full-time technical supervisor team gives support to provide professional pest reports and comprehensive management suggestions. 
    Operation & service: Customer Satisfaction Survey/2*24 service commitment*. 
    *For emergencies,we can respond to your enquiry within 2 working hours and provide solution within 24 working hours

  • Nationwide service network 
    With more than 60 professional service stations and service covering all provinces except Tibet and Qinghai,we can promptly provide you with pest solutions in your place.

  • Supplementary value-added service: We provide cross-division training programs,peak season pest warning,pest management suggestion and action plan,periodical pest control newsletters,special pests Identification report etc.for your hypermarkets and supermarkets*. 
    *We charge for the training programs and reporting,please kindly advice our sales consultant for more detailed information and quotation.

  • Our current clients in food retail industry: 
    Carrefour, Wal-Mart, TESCO, and ParknShop.

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