The 2011 Rentokil China annual conference in Suzhou

The 2011 Rentokil China Annual Conference was held in Suzhou on 9th—11th Jan, 2011.All staffs from Shanghai, Beijing, Hunan, Wuhan and Shenzhen branches came to attend the conference.

During the conference, the fruitful results were shared by each department managers and all staffs are looking forward to a better futurity of Rentokil China. 

Chuck Jiang, the Managing Director of Rentokil China, presented an opening speech and awarded the title of “Recognition Award” to five outstanding staffs with many prizes for praising them excellent service to customers and encouraging all employees to learn from them.


The show phase expressed heaps of outstanding gifts of Rentokil staff. Hunan branch was praised by all staffs and won “optimal popularity prize”. Meanwhile, the HR department and Beijing branch were awarded as “optimal originality prize” and optimal impression prize individually. 

In the meantime, the game of “the legend of 3 countries” was set up by conference which aiming to let employees know the team work sprit and push whole company forward with co-operate sprit. 

During this annual conference, not only five excellent staffs of Rentokil had been praised and the subjective initiative of employees had been encouraged, but also communication skill and team work sprit had been pushed well. We trust, our capability and quality of whole group will be updated and improved continuously via the annual conference.

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