Rentokil staged on food safety annual submit

The 7th Food Safety Annual Summit was held in Hangzhou from April 12 to 15, 2011. 

Over 260 experts and representatives from the global food industry and all levels of government attended the conference and joined in the heated discussion on such issues as “New Thinking and Opportunities for Food Safety Standards”. During the conference, Ms. Wayyi, National Technical & Training Manager of Rentokil China, shared Rentokil’s over a hundred years’ experience in pest control for the food industry and delivered a speech themed as “Integrated Pest Management - A prerequisite program of Food Safety”. 

Currently, the scandals of “Pork with Clenbuterol” and “Dyeing Steamed Bread” continue to make stirs, and the issue of food safety once again draws great attention of the public. The government and food industry are facing unprecedented challenges. The question of how to ensure the food safety has become a pressing problem to test social management ability of the government. 

Effective pest control is one of the preconditions to ensure food safety. As one expert on public affair said, “The whole process in the food processing industry has to be protected by the pest management programme. However, the problem is that, some enterprises may have not realized it. And when they do, it is already too late.” 

In the speech, in addition to put continuous emphasis on the general principle of “prevention is better than cure”, Ms. Wayyi also elaborated Rentokil’s environmental protection measures. “Rentokil adheres to the use of non-toxic or low-toxic products to better protect the health of our customers and the environment”, Ms. Wayyi said. 

As a leading pest management specialist in China, Rentokil takes advantage of its over hundreds years’ experience and well understands the detailed requirements of the food and beverage industry. The pest management system, specially designed to meet the needs of food processing industry, minimizes the food pollution and ensure safe production of the food industry. Although there are over 250 types of pest infestations, we believe, we are the only one.

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