3rd annual China hotel and resort summit 2012

The "3rd Annual China Hotel and Resort Summit" on 28-29 June 2012 was held in Shanghai. Summit brought together the world's leading hotel industry representatives and government officials to discuss China Hotels & Resorts industry trends, exchange investment in China's hotel industry opportunities and challenges, as well as with the development of the hotel industry may face problems to find the best solution programs. 

National Tourism Bureau statistics show that in 2010, mainland China has attracted about 134 million international tourists.And this figure is expected to reach 1.53 million by 2015.With the growth in the number of hotels, many of the services should be provided has not been a corresponding improvement.How to develop China's hotel industry and how to help hotel offers customers excellent experience are the hot topics for all participants.






Jon Thompson, Rentokil Initial Group New Service Innovation Manager,shared a lot Rentokil Initial China pest control and hygiene hotel service experience & case study which aroused a lively discussion by audience. In addition,Jon Thompson emphasis on "Creating a healthy hygienic environment", not only from Hotel managers need to closely cooperate with Rentokil Initial. but also pay more attention to the environment & employee health. Rentokil Initial China has always adhere to the sustainable development strategy, advocated the use of zero tolerance control methods, in order to better protect the environment and the health of employees. 

With the development of Chinese hotel industry, not just the number increases, the more important is the hotel overall health environment continuous improvement. Therefore, Rentokil Initial China has been customer-centric, constant pursuit of higher standards of service, focus on those environmental hygiene issues which hotel is facing. A lot of tools such as site survey, pest risk assessment that could provide customers with a comprehensive solutions. Meanwhile, Rentokil Initial China integrated internal & external inspections and total solutions would effectively help customers reduce operational risks and the cross functional pest knowledge training could enhance staff awareness of pest control and consolidating service effectiveness. 

Rentokil Initial firmly believe that through our joint efforts, people will enjoy a healthier, more comfortable, better living experience. Meanwhile, the Chinese hotel industry's overall standards will also continue to develop better and higher to the customers.

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