2012 Rentokil Initial future leader program

Rentokil Initial Future Leader Program is a management developing program to develop pest control & hygiene expertise. Students through 16 months of study, practice and assessment, and then will be promoted to the service director and became Rentokil Initial China service expertise. 

What we will offer, 

  1. Comprehensive training courses 
  2. Unique mentor system 
  3. Rapid growth path 
  4. Large international network 

Please join us if you are, 

  1. Agricultural university graduates 
  2. Accredited pest control and service industries 
  3. Like to communicate with people and enjoy a sense of accomplishment to solve the problem 
  4. Yearning and passion to grow with the rapid development of enterprises 
  5. Willing to various cities and regions in China to experience a different life and work 

How to apply, 

  1. On campus site
    South China Agricultural University Session, December 14,
    2012, 14:00 pm, Mountain Student Activity Center 107
    Nanjing Agricultural University Session, December 17, 2012,
    14:00 pm, Science Building C303 
  2. On line
    Resume send to hr-cn@rentokil-initial.com (Please download the applications and fill in the form)

Rentokil China 2013 Campus Recruiting Application Form

Further information & next steps

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