Early mosquito control in spring

Spring is the good season for the mosquitoes start breeding . Spring arrived, adult mosquitoes left spawning habitats to suck blood, and the larvae began to hatch. 

If we can begin to take mosquito preventive measures in spring, will be a great chance to prevent a large number of mosquitoes breeding in summer. Under normal circumstances a female mosquito can produce about 100 eggs, which could be about 5-10 generations. Elimination of an adult mosquito in the spring means that it can eliminate the future 500-1000 mosquitoes. 

How to take preventive measures? 
We all know that mosquito breeding without water is an effective way to control mosquitoes 

Mosquito control tips: 

  1. For the large water areas, such as rivers, canals, etc., you can ask your pest control supplier to control the termite eggs 
  2. For small stagnant water, especially interior landscape pots, ground, bottles and other containers, can be regular cleaning and inspections 
  3. Sewer pipe is a high risk of mosquito breeding areas, please periodically open it and thoroughly clean 
  4. After raining, you need to clean up rubbish and outdoor waste to prevent them from accumulating rainwater and become breeding mosquitoes 

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