2013 China PCO leader summit held in Shanghai



The "2013 China PCO Leader Summit" on Sep.2-3 was successfully held by Chinese Health Association in Rentokil Initial China headquarters.The summit mainly focus on how to unite the pest control industry strength, improve corporate integrity and maintain qualified corporate brand,all the corporate have freedom of speech, dialectical discussion of ideas to promote the development of the industry. 

During the sessions, they interpreted the current development and problems of China's service industry ,analyzed trends and future development of service industry,and presented the information through an integrated service platform construction to achieve the effective integration of resources, promoting PCO companies to quickly integrate into the information age. 

As a representative of the summit, Rentokil Initial Greater China Managing Director Mr. Xu Tao special appeal,PCO corporate integrity is particularly important, and put forward the common goal which is the current PCO companies should put efforts on getting the PCO industry to be more standardized.

Mr. Xu Tao also on behalf of Rentokil China with more than a dozen other PCO companies signed the "2013 Shanghai Declaration",this "Declaration" represents the aspirations of the entire industry, pointing out the direction of development of the industry. 

During the summit, participants visited the Rentokil Initial China University specially.As a leading foreign-funded enterprises,Rentokil Initial China shows"people-oriented" corporate image, from employee training to the employees' occupational vision,to staff safety culture and education,from the company's corporate culture to create a strong R & D strength, technical level, the entire model of development benefited the visiting representatives. 

The submit has enormous impacts on the entire PCO industry,Rentokil Initial China firmly believe that through our joint efforts, PCO industry will move towards a more standardized, more advanced, more scientific direction,consolidating the cooperate image of protecting people's health, promoting economic development and maintaining the environmental health.

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