Rentokil Initial China participated GFSI focus day China 2014

On the 27 - 28. August 2014, Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) hosted its 3rd Edition China Focus Day at the Four Seasons Hotel, Beijing, China.The GFSI Focus Day aims to provide local stakeholders in the food industry an opportunity to find out more about the Global Food Safety Initiative but it will also serve as a unique opportunity for networking and knowledge exchange.


GFSI founded in 2000, more than 650 of the world's leading food manufacturers, retailers and catering supply chain service providers in more than 70 countries global wise are the GFSI members.

The GFSI China Focus Day 2014 main speakers are Jiacai Teng,Deputy Director of the China Food and Drug Administration;Weijun Liu,Deputy Director of CNCA;Junshi Chen,Chief Adviser of CFSA;Robert P. Aspell, President of Cargill China;Jeroen de GROOT,President of METRO Cash & Carry China;Cenk GUROL,Chairman of Global Food Safety Initiative Board & Vice President, AEON Co., Ltd., Japan. Also, there are lots of top food safety executives from China and the rest of world attend this forum.

Since Aug.2013, Rentokil Initial China formally joined the GFSI China Working Group. On the 27 - 28. August 2014, Rentokil Initial China participate as a sponsor of the GFSI China Focus Day 2014

As one of the exhibitor, we actively network with stakeholders in food safety industry, delivery our advanced pest control concepts and professional services and aim to strengthen the food safety management and reduce the food industry operation risk.As the leading pest control service provider, Rentokil Initial China stated that will continue to actively participate in the GFSI China working group meeting to help food industry companies properly manage pests and their supply chain pest management to reduce the food safety risks.

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