Rentokil Initial & Intertek co-hosted joint effects on supply chain management workshop of food processing industry

Shanghai, 19th January 2015—— The food processing industry workshop co-hosted by Rentokil Initial and Intertek, with the theme on Joint Effects on Supply Chain Management, was successfully held at JW Marriott Shanghai. 21 participants from Coca cola, Yili, Orion, Wilmar, General Mills and other leading food processing companies were invited to join the workshop.









Way Yi,senior technical & training manager of Rentokil Initial,and Jackie Lee , technical manager of Intertek, gave professional speeches on several topics including Common findings in different industries during the factory audit, How to do pre-construction to reduce pest risk and How to improve the supply chain pest management. Participants also raised quite a few questions after each topic and got useful feedback from the speaker.










The workshop ended successfully through vivid topics and heated discussions. All the participants filled in a questionnaire in the end. They all spoke highly of the topics and the workshop arrangement. What’s more, they hoped more workshops could be held in the future. Some participants even had a further deep communication with sales and technical colleagues of Rentokil Initial when finished.

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