Rodent & cockroach control alert in winter

The weather in Winter is cold and the outdoor food shortages. The pest activity has entered a relatively low peak, however, since the pest needs to survive in winter, all kinds of pests especially rodent and cockroaches will find a more suitable places to stay and continue their activities.Gradually,the rodents will find indoor place to stay, cockroaches will seek warmer area to hide. Rentokil Initial China reminds you that pest control in Winter needs to pay attention and should not be hesitation. Rentokil Initial China will make every effort on the rodent and cockroach prevention and control, reduce your business risks, but also need the support and cooperation of your party. 

Rodents don't like the cold weather, in winter, outdoor temperature is low and the food shortages which will cause them to active and find food indoor. Therefore, the key to prevention and control rodents in winter is to block the invasion route, like the building and pipe gaps and holes. Also, need to pay attention to the daily clean-up operations, reduce the risks of rodent.


You could click here to know more about the Rentokil Initial China rodent control which could help you to reduce rodent violation. Cockroaches like to live in a warm place, it is often hidden in the winter near a heat source place, such as heating equipment and the bottom of the refrigerators . Good preventive measures against whose places are paying attention to the daily clean-up operations as well as take effective and professional methods on cockroach control.

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