Mosquito & rodent control alert in spring

With the advent of spring, pests begin to be animate and start their activities. In order to handle the pest outbreak in summer easily, companies should start to pay attention to the pest control from now on.



Do you know that spring is the best season to prevent mosquito larvae? First, Mosquito larvae grows at the temperature from 10℃ - 35℃. So the warm and wet weather of spring is perfect for it to grow. Second, mosquitos are used to live in dark and wet place. Exposed water outside is definitely the natural growth cradle of mosquito larvae. Third, mosquito larvae grows at a relatively slow speed in spring because the temperature of spring is not so high as summer. 

Spring is one of peak seasons for rodent to breed. Effective rodent control in spring can reduce their density, which will also lay good foundation of rodent control through the year.




Rentokil Initial China reminds you to pay attention to the pest control in spring. You could click here to know more about mosquito prevention and click here to get rodent control tips. If you want to know more about other solutions, please call our free toll at 400 820 8770.

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