Rentokil Initial in EXPO Milano 2015


The 42nd World Expo 2015, held in Milan, Italy on May 1, 2015 to October 31. Rentokil Initial as the leading pest control and hygiene service provider, provide the integrated environmental hygiene and pest control services for 2015 Milan Expo

The theme of 2015 Milan Expo is "Feeding the planet, energy of life", focus on agriculture, food and food safety, there are more than 150 national and international organizations. This is the first time that the World Expo choose this theme and display cuisine of different countries, and seek to solve the food needs for 90 million people around the world in 2050. Therefore, at the venue there are a number of food and beverage restaurant of each region, and offering a different site experience for about 21 million of visitors from all over the world.The establishment of large-scale restaurant offers the best pest habitat, therefore, the organizers are very concerned about the problem of pests,food safety and health.Rentokil Initial with rich service experience, latest technology, professional service image, green and safety integration solutions, has won the recognition of the organizers.

EXPO Tree of life at night - Show of colours and music

Davide Oldani restaurant pest control - Luminos Lamp

Let's Toast restaurant - Preparation area control point

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