Rentokil Initial & questions come TV program popularized cockroach control method

As winter comes, warm rooms full of food and water definitely become the most proper place for cockroaches to enjoy their winter holidays. Many people want to know how to prevent cockroaches in a right way. Thus Rentokil Initial China was invited by Questions Come, a TV program of Shenyang Public Channel, to give a professional cockroach control lesson to Liaosheng community residents.






Li Chengjie, customer development consultant of Rentokil Initial China, introduced cockroach habit and control method to residents, which helped them to know more about cockroach and also corrected their wrong prevention ideas. We also provided a set of cockroach prevention drug to each resident, which helped them to solve cockroach troubles thoroughly.

Please follow the cockroach prevention tips below: 

  • Clear food debris in time and put the rest into sealed containers 
  • Clean ponding area and cover the containers 
  • Regularly clean the dead angles especially in kitchen and washroom; Plug holes of wall and ground

As the world’s leading service provider in pest control, Rentokil Initial is always dedicated to improving pest control and hygiene industries of China. We will continue participating in events to deliver our professional pest control method to the public, aiming to raise their pest control consciousness. 

The program has gone out on Nov. 23, 2015. You can have a review by the link below: 

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