Fabric beetles

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Signs of a fabric beetle infestation

Evidence of a fabric beetle infestation may commonly be found in carpets and other linen products, such as blankets and fine knitted goods. Identifying problems with fabric beetle becomes even easier once you know the signs to look for and where.

Signs of fabric beetle damages may only become visible after an infestation has long been established. This is because fabric beetle often infest in dark and undisturbed areas, meaning if areas are not regularly cleaned, infestations can go undetected for years.

If you have items in your home or business that could be at risk, it is critical to regularly look for visible signs of fabric beetle infestation to identify a problem early.

Signs of activity

  • Live or dead adult fabric beetle - can be found gathered around window opening, behind or underneath furniture.

  • Faeces and shed skin - Evidence of brown skins or droppings under furniture, around floor skirting and corners.

  • Larvae - can be found in quiet, dark and undisturbed areas such as under large furniture, inside wardrobes and closets.

  • Eggs - often laid in air ducts, cupboards, wardrobes, under furniture as well as on fabrics.

Fabric beetle damage

Fabric beetles are usually attracted to natural fabric items such as carpets, rugs, silks and feathered items. Their presence are indicated by its droppings or shed skin around the damaged area.

  • Woolen materials - woollen stored in wardrobes without regular washing for several months are more prone to fabric beetle damage.

  • Knitted goods - form of irregular shaped holes where fabrics have been eaten, shape similar to the damage caused by caterpillars to leaves

  • Other fabric items - pillows, mattresses, cushions and furniture with traditional fillings such as feathers can be damaged especially if stored for long period of time.

Have you noticed these signs?

Regular inspections and monitoring will help to identify a problem early to ensure fast and effective solutions for fabric beetle infestation. This will help to reduce the risks of long term damage to sensitive and valuable items.

  • Rentokil Initial pest experts approach provides rigorous protection for your property.
  • Inspection — of your home or business.
  • Fabric beetle species identification — enables the right solution to target the invading fabric beetle species.
  • Technicians — will conduct routine visits to correctly identify your pest problems and provide the best solutions.
  • Safe and targeted treatments — our extensive knowledge means we can provide you with targeted and effective treatment to get rid of fabric beetle.

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