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Flying insects special treatment

Flying insect is always a hard challenge for all industries especially in peak season when their life cycles get shortened and the pest density easily break out even in one night. Flying insects will cause a series of risks including germ spreading, food pollution, customer complaints and bad impression on brand reputation.

  • Indoor risk: Flying insects are mostly likely to breed and live where hydrops and organics are left. Fruit fly, phorid fly and drain fly are 3 types of flying insects commonly found indoors.
  • Outdoor risk: Many green flies breed on plant leaves. Also Mosquitoes feed on leaf juice.

The flying insects special treatment by Rentokil Initial can lower and control the pest density both indoors and outdoors during peak season, thus to provide a safe and healthy environment for customers.

Flying insects special treatment - indoor solution

Special Treatment is made in the breeding site with outlast agent to kill from eggs, larva to the adult, which will reduce density in a quite short time. Besides, going with space spray will lead to a more effective result.

Flying insects special treatment - outdoor solution

Special agent is sprayed on the outdoor greens, mainly to prevent those flying insects which rest, breed and feed on the greens including mosquitoes. The treatment will help keep a low flying insects density for outdoor environment.

When you are facing with flying insects problems, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our professional service technicians will have an on-site survey and provide a tailor-made flying insects solution for you , keeping flying insects away from you.

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