Moth control

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Signs of a moth infestation

The presence of moths in your home can be frustrating. Moths can cause damage to clothes and stored products, to which you may have an emotional attachment with.

INTERESTING FACT: The fear of moths is called Mottephobia.

The damages this pest cause to carpets, curtains and stored products can also become very costly. Keeping moth away is one of the key role in protecting your valuable items.

The first thing most people notice includes damaged clothes, fabrics or stored products but there are other indicators of a moth infestation:

What to look for

  • Small maggot like larvae (moth caterpillars) - can be found in the dark corners of wardrobes, cupboards and drawers.

  • Silken tubes or cases - in which the moth larvae live, they commonly hide inside wardrobes or back of the furniture.

  • Pupae (silk cocoons) - from which larvae emerge as moths, usually found on fabrics or stored products.

  • Adult moths - often seen crawling rather than flying.

Besides moth, beetles are also another culprit of carpet or fur damages. These beetles are often referred to as fabric beetles, fur or carpet beetles.

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